taehyung: hello, what’s poppin?
nate: what’s poppin
taehyung: my name is v, your name is?
nate: natalie
taehyung: oh, nice watch! how much?
nate: how much is my wa- uhh i don’t know it was a gift
taehyung: wow, give me your time please
nate: like what time is it?
taehyung: no, your time
nate: oh you want my watch
taehyung: no, your time
nate: my number?
taehyung: yeah! ah no no no no


In July, the boys of BTS visited Los Angeles to learn about hip-hop culture, documenting their adventures along the way in the currently airing reality TV show “American Hustle Life.” One of the hip hop mentors on the show is artist and songwriter Tony Jones, who spent two weeks teaching BTS…